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Life is a big buffet, take a lil bit of everything

Hi, the name is Estevan and I'm 20yrs old, about to be 21 this January. I'm just your average college guy in search of nothing else but friends, distractions, and whatever finds me really. I like to take a part in just about every sport and leisure activity possible. I'm a guy of paradoxes so I can't really describe myself exactly. Anyway if there's anything you would like to know about me feel free to ask I make sure to respond to every email in my inbox.  

Personality Survey
About Me.....
Name:Estevan Cantu
Birthday / Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Places I Have Lived:Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Victoria, Laredo, McAllen=TX, ect.
Currently Living:Corpus Christi, TX
Heritage:Mexican, Spanish
Height / Weight:5ft8in, 132lbs
Eye / Hair Color:Hazel eyes, Brn hair
Tattoos / How Many:One but thinking about another one
Piercings / How Many:5 total, guess where :D
Clothing Style:Depends on the weather
Are You Trustworthy:I keep secrets like a safe
Are You Republican/Democrat/Independent:Democrat
Shy or Outgoing:Shy but loosen up after a while
Funny or Serious:RANDOM all the time
Do You Think You Are Attractive:Hell yea!! Dnt you??? lol
Animal:Is Dragon an animal?
Food:Asian Cuisine
Sports:Paintball, Tennis, Football
Band/Musician:Linkin Park
Person:Family & Friends
Estimate how many friends you have:100
Do You Like To Meet New People:Definately
Best Friend:Estevan
Love Life/Sex.....
Are You In Love:Idk, im confused
First Crush:Jennifer M
First Kiss:Josh
Are You Taken or Single? By whom:Single
Would You Give Your LIfe For A Loved One:In a heartbeat
Do You Have A Friend With Benefits:No
Have You Ever Cheated / Been Cheated On:Yes
When And With Whom Did You Lose You Virginity:12yrs old with a friend
How Many Partners Have You Had:Lost count, wild guess = 20
Do You Like Foreplay:A Lot
Top Or Bottom:Versatile, mostly top
When Was The Last Time You Had Sex:About a month ago
How Far Would You Go With Someone Of The Same Sex:Lets find out )
Have You Met Someone From The Internet:Yes
Have You Slept With A Co-Worker:Yes
Are You / Have You / Do You.......
Curse Regularly:Yea
A Sports Fanatic:Involved yea, watching no
Have Scars:Yea, rough childhood lol
Been Out Of The Country:Yes
Believe In Ghosts:No
Broken Bones / How Many:Yes, three
Had A Serious Surgery:Not SUPER seriuos
Been Beaten Up:No
Flashed Someone:Yes
Gone Skinny Dipping:Yes
Consumed Alcohol:Yes
For George W. Bush:No
Done Drugs:Yes
Taken Painkillers / Legally or Illegally:Yes, Legally
Past / Present / Future.....
What were you doing on 9/11/2001:School
Something you would like to forget:A lot of things
What are you thinking about:Homework :(
How do you feel right now:Chilly
What are you wearing:Boxers
Something you would like to accomplish:Start my career
Your thoughts on........
Gambling:No thoughts
One Nation, Under God:No thoughts
Drugs:Good and bad times
Illegal Immigrants:Pursuit of Happiness
Gay Marriage:Pursuit of Happiness
Death Penalty:Depends on the Crime
Downloading Music:FUN!!
Terrorism:Death Penalty
What Made You Take This Survey:Boredom
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Your Height5'8"
Your Weight132lbs
Your Hair Colourbrown
Your Eyes are what Colourhazel
Your Body and skin complexionathletic build light tan
Are you Smooth or Hairy generally?
Do you shave or wax your body?yes
Do you shave or wax your legs?no
Do you trim your pubes?yes
Your body figure shape isathletic build
Your fitness isreally really active
Are you out yet publicly?no
Do your friends know?no
Are you comfortable with your sexuality?yes

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Heya your on the straight and narrow but still enjoy a good cute guy with a pint of beer.

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